The best belt curve is the one you hear nothin more about after it has been installed - in other words, fit it and forget about it

Airports Conveyors

With an installed base of more than one hundred thousand conveyors, we are a leading provider of modules for baggage handling systems. In the process, our secret for success is as subtle as it is simple: We listen to and hear what airport operators and integrators have to say to us. We have been learning this way for the last forty years and we use this knowledge to bring about continuous improvement in our products. The outcome: More than three hundred airports across the globe – among them the top thirty – place their trust in BREMA.

Global Excellence for Airports

Curve Conveying
Curve Conveying

Proven worldwide - Baggage transport with BREMA belt curve conveyors

BREMA belt curve conveyors are the result of our constant pursuit of the needs of the operators and integrators of baggage handling systems. The holistic construction concept combines the proven reliability of the BREMA belt curves with the best-in-class values with respect to energy consumption, smoothness in running and maintenance-friendliness. The results are considerably reduced life cycle costs and a high level of economy.

BREMA Airport Belt Curves offer the following benefits

  • Best-in-class in performance, reliability, energy consumption and maintenance-friendliness
  • Robust construction with low self-weight
  • Optimised in terms of weight, space and installation
  • Ease of integration in new and existing baggage handling systems
  • Patented belt guiding system and conical drums for maximum reliability and smoothness in running
  • Low tension conveyor belt drive across the entire width of the belt enables extremely long deployment times
  • Belt slides on highly solid laminated wooden sheets

Performance data* of BREMA Global Airport Curve


up to 2 m/s

Conveyor Speed (CL)

up to 60 kg

Weight laod


Inner radius

up to 700 mm

Nominal width

up to 180°

Conveyor angle



 Powered Face Diverting
Powered Face Diverting

Diverting flight baggage

The motorised belt diverter from BREMA has been specially customised to meet the merging and diverting tasks of baggage handling systems at airports. With a diverting capacity of up to 1,600 units per hour, it is used wherever pieces of baggage need to be discharged from a conveyor line or have to be diverted to a conveyor line. With this compact stand-alone solution, it is necessary to have a positive fit connection to the adjacent conveyor equipment. As a result, you can dispense with the cumbersome clarification of interfaces during the integration phase.

BREMA Belt Diverter offers the following benefits

  • Simple and robust construction for standard flight baggage
  • No positive fit connection to the adjacent conveyor equipment is required
  • Simple integration and no cumbersome explanation of the interfaces is necessary
  • Driving drum located inside enable a very small gap between the conveyor belt and discharge belt
  • Low noise operation while running
  • Extremely low maintenance with high idle times

Performance data of the BREMA Belt Diverter for baggage handling


up to 2.0 m/s

Conveyor speed

up to 60 kg

Weight load

up to 3,500 mm

Length of deflector arm


Belt width/height


.Vertical Distributin Merge
.Vertical Distributin Merge

Compact and powerful – Vertical line diverters for baggage handling systems

Powerful vertical diverter units are deployed whenever special pieces of flight baggage need to be discharged from the main flow of baggage following the screening process and reinserted after they have been inspected. The BREMA VertiSwitch® has been developed especially for these requirements. This completely standardised diverter unit can be used optionally either as a diverter or as a merge unit.

Rugged construction, modular design and good dynamic performance of the swivel movements are the highlights of this product. Based on the prevalent flight baggage dimensions (L=900 mm), with a switching time of < 1 second, distribution speeds of up to 2,000 pieces of baggage/hour can be achieved.

The BREMA VertiSwitch® offer the following benefits

  • Compact design for minimum space requirement
  • Innovative design with minimal power consumption
  • Design with optimal weight yet robust construction with a high degree of reliability
  • Considerably surpasses the practical performance requirements of the airport industry
  • Extremely low noise operation, even at high speeds
  • Very low maintenance required
  • It may be used optionally either as a diverter or as a merge unit

Performance data BREMA VertiSwitch® for baggage handling 


Switching time (up and down)

up to 2 m/s

Conveyor speed

up to 75 kg



Nominal width


Conveyor length


Continuous Vertical Conveying
Continuous Vertical Conveying

Two functions, one conveyor system, full tempo...

BREMA helix belt curve conveyors are always deployed in baggage handling systems when in addition to the need to transport over a curve there is also a difference in height that must be overcome. A significant benefit compared to lifts or S/C elevators lies in the continuous conveyance process as well as the effective space requirement of the conveyor system in the system layout apart from the higher throughput. Cyclic feeding operation and the associated control effort is no longer necessary.

BREMA Helix Curves offer the following benefits

  • Extremely high values of throughput
  • Less controlling effort and no advance cyclic operation
  • Patented belt guiding system and conical drums for maximum reliability and smoothness in running
  • Low tension conveyor belt drive across the entire width of the belt enables extremely long deployment times
  • Optimised in terms of weight, space and installation
  • Very low noise level

Performance data* of the BREMA Helix Curves for baggage handling

Conveyor speed up to 2 m/sec up to 400 FPM 
Weight load up to 65 kg/m up to 44 lbs/ft
Inner radius 600 ... 1,500 mm 24" ... 60"
Nominal width up to 1,200 mm up to 47"
Conveyor angle up to 180° up to 180°
Elevation at CL up to 18° up to 18°


Gravity Conveyor
Gravity Conveyor

Save energy while conveying with the force of gravity

The BREMA Safeglide® spiral chute is a fast, safe and cost-effective solution for transporting flight baggage gently from one level to another. The spiral chutes are designed from multiple fibreglass-reinforced epoxy resin coated layers. The sliding surface consists of a special finish in which the finest stainless steel balls are embedded and give the surface excellent sliding properties and a particularly high resistance to wear and tear.The BREMA Safeglide(R) spiral chute can be combined with different guides and used as a dynamic buffer with safe and automatic gliding.

The Safeglide® spiral chute offers the following benefits

  • Safe and fast downward movement
  • Noise damping and flame resistant composite material
  • Excellent gliding capability that remains unaffected even by unfavourable ambient conditions such as high atmospheric humidity
  • Low procurement costs and low maintenance cost/effort
  • No moving parts and no spare and wear parts
  • Low-cost repair

Performance data of Safeglide® spiral chutes for baggage handling

Weight capacity up to 60 kg/m up to 40 lbs/ft
Total diameter 1,500 ... 3,120 mm 60“ ... 122.8“
Channel width Inlet/Outlet 600 ... 1,475 mm 24“... 59“
Direction of conveyance CW / CCW CW / CCW
*Vertical-Lifting Conveyor
*Vertical-Lifting Conveyor

Vertical conveying of flight baggage with high acceleration

With a successful combination of high acceleration and high positioning accuracy, an example of where the BREMA vertical conveyor is being deployed is at check-in areas. At this stage itself, it is possible to undertake pre-sorting in multiple lines and at multiple levels. Its consistently modular design ensures standardised components and consequently a high degree of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The Vertical Conveyors from BREMA offer the following benefits

  • It is possible to have very high values of acceleration
  • Positioning accuracy of a few millimetres
  • Low noise operation
  • Innovative lightweight construction
  • Low power consumption
  • Consistently modular and simple construction ensures economically attractive solutions

Performance data of BREMA Vertical Conveyors for baggage handling

Load capacity up to 50 kg up to 110 lb
Conveyor speed up to 2.0 m/s up to 400 FPM
Acceleration up to 2.0 m/s2 up to 6,6 ft/s2
Width of conveyor up to 1,000 mm up to 40"
Length of conveyor up to 1,600 mm up to 63"
Lifting height up to 12 m up to 470"


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