Spiral conveyor Brema

The spiral curve conveyors are used in transport systems in the event of a height difference, thanks to the use of the concept of a comprehensive construction of the Brema convoy conveyors , a combination of efficiency and reliability.


Advantages of Helix Conveyors:


High operating power


Simplicity of design and non-use of complex equipment


Use of belt guides and cone drums to achieve maximum confidence and smooth motion.


The very low tension of the barrel across the road and their lifespan


Silent compared to chain conveyors




Cargo and equipment systems at airports


Distribution centers, service centers and postal services


Manufacturers and industries active in the field of machine tools, parts production and material handling


Arid areas in the food and pharmaceutical industries

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BREMA Conveyors Airport

BREMA Conveyors Airport

A small appearance from the Conveyors Airport equipment

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Brema Vertical Distribution Merge VertiSwitch

Vertical vertical Brema is a standard vertical distribution unit that can be used optionally as a distribution unit or integrator.


Benefits of VertiSwitch:


Innovative design with minimal energy consumption


Lightweight design with high reliability


Compact design with minimal work space


High speed with minimal sound


Low maintenance


Usability as Sorter or Merger




Cargo units and accessories at the airports


Distribution and sorting units for postal services, delivery and packaging


Container and package units and special goods

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A small appearance from the Conveyors Parcel equipmen

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Brema Roller Merger

The integration of non-contact products with high performance and speed is one of the most important features of the Brema Breaker Roller Bearing . Integration of two high-power input lines, non-contact contact with the goods, and very suitable for suitable goods for roller bearings and low-level conveyors.


Benefits of Roller Merger:


Merge the cargo without calling even short shipment, such as envelopes and short packages


Possibility to determine the operating time by using the design of rubber rollers




Integrate two input lines in a packing center


Units for dispatch and distribution of goods


Logistic and postal units

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A small appearance from the Conveyors


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Brema Telescopic Roller Conveyor

A simple, efficient, cost-effective solution for shipping. The Brema Telescopic Roller Bearings roll out / load cargo vehicles from / to long and stable loading platforms are well-suited, reliable and functional.


Advantages of Telescopic Roller Conveyor:


Loading trailers and small trucks


Adjustment of the ergonomic height of the device from the front nose cap of 1.7 meters and the possibility of changing the angle of the conveyor


A simple and efficient energy solution for loading goods


The ability to drive roller bearings or use as sprays


Reduced current costs and electricity consumption


Full nose plunge completely accessible to the front of the device


Can be installed on the rails to create left and right side moves




Positive service units


Distribution and distribution units

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A small appearance from the Conveyors INTRALOGISTICS equipmen

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