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about us

Brema Group is the leading provider of innovative solutions for materials design and delivery. The company was created in 1382 and its wide range of products and services that include: design, manufacture and installation of conveyor types of systems transfer , Warehousing and merchandise of goods and products. Our company believes that in today's world, with the advancement of knowledge and technology, and the development of this branch of science in different industries, including oil, manufacturing, transportation and Transmission ... It is impossible to pass the essential role of automation simply, therefore, the potential and experience of 24 years of designing and manufacturing various types of conveyor systems for the transportation of goods in many industries, including food, mining, automotive, home appliances ... To reduce the time and cost of production and increase the quality of our company, we limited our range of activities and specialized in areas that require High-speed and high-speed encryption systems, and sometimes Canvey's detection and control systems. We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in this effort to help with this powerful industry to help with the need for more domestic companies in this branch.